Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear??

Ditch the physical and mental clutter and learn how to find clothes that actually fit, put together outfits you love, and feel amazing WITHOUT an expensive shopping spree!

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  • Are you hanging on to clothes from the past that no longer make sense for your lifestyle?
  • Have you ever thought, "I'd like to try a capsule wardrobe", but you just didn't know where to start?
  • Do you struggle to find clothes that actually fit and feel good on your body?
  • Do you feel like you "have no sense of style"?
  • Have you ever seen an outfit on an Instagram influencer wearing an adorable outfit, but when you tried the same thing, it didn't work on you at all?
  • Do you buy cute clothes from the sales rack, but then they hang in your closet unworn?
  • Do you get anxiety in the dressing room when you try a million styles and nothing works? 

Are you nodding your head to all of this, thinking, she gets me!!?

I do get it, and I've been there!

I know exactly what it feels like to drop down to the floor in my closet, fighting back tears because nothing feels good. 

I know the frustration and the overwhelm of feeling like my closet is overflowing, but nothing works for my right-now body, and I don't even what to look for if I were to get new clothes.

After my own experience and hearing the struggles of hundreds of women, I'm excited to share a simple, practical solution to help you go from frustrated and overwhelmed to confident and excited to get dressed each day! 

Ditch the clutter

Learn how to release the clothes that aren't serving you to truly declutter your closet. You'll be equipped to know exactly what to keep, put away, and release. When you're done, only the clothes that work for your right-now body will be front and center.

Simplify your closet

Using the signature Capsuleish template, you'll create your foundational capsule, personalized to your own lifestyle and preferences. Only the clothes that work for your current season and that fit your right-now body will be front and center. 

Demystify your style 

You will identify your signature style words, your-feel-good colors, and the silhouettes that feel the most "you". 

You'll learn how to use the proportions of your body shape to choose clothing that fits and feels good.

No more crying in your closet, friend. 

Imagine yourself walking into your closet, taking a deep, peaceful, relaxed breath, and knowing exactly what you want to wear. 

How does that feel?

  • Does it free up some mental clutter for other, more important things?
  • Does it set the tone for a productive, focused day?
  • Does it allow you to stay more present and joyful throughout your day?
Yes! I'm ready!

"Truly life changing. I feel like myself in my capsule wardrobe. You’ve given me permission to love my right now body and to clothe it in ways that feel like me. As my body changes - my clothes need to change, too. It’s not my body’s job to change to fit into my jeans!"

- Lizzie H. 

Meet your instructor!

I'm Caroline! I'm a sustainable stylist for moms. As the owner of The Bluebird Collective, I've spent the past 2 1/2 years helping hundreds of women understand how to use clothes as a tool to begin to feel more like the best version of themselves.

I haven't always been a stylist. After I became a mother, this role sort of found me. I began sharing my own experience dressing my postpartum body using the tools I will share in this course, such as body shape, the colors I feel great in, and the styles that make me feel the most "me". 

Let's back up five years. Right after my daughter was born, I was in that postpartum season when nothing fit, everything felt yucky. After sitting on the floor of my closet in frustration each day, I'd usually just grab some leggings and one of my husband's old t-shirts. The clothes from my corporate job didn't work for my lifestyle anymore, my maternity clothes were too big, and everything else just fit weird.

I started to realize the power that my clothes had when I invested in a few key items that fit well in that season. When I had clothes that felt good and made sense for my lifestyle, I suddenly had a new level of confidence that quickly spilled over into the other areas of my life.

I no longer own a single one of the items that I bought for that postpartum season. However, I now understand the importance of honoring each of our seasons, and of honoring our right-now body in each season. 

In my work as a sustainable stylist for moms, I now get to share that lesson, along with a few tangible, simple tools to take a lot of the stress and frustration out of our relationship with clothes. 


Are you ready??

Caroline really helped me start a capsule collection that feels like the best version of “me”. She was so easy to work with and it was such a fun process!

- Katie S.

The world needs the one thing that only you can bring.

It might sound silly, but feeling "bleh" in your clothes could be holding your back from sharing that magic with the world! 

YOU ARE ENOUGH, exactly as you are. But with clothes that make you feel like a million bucks, you might begin to take yourself seriously. Let's go, world-changer! 

(P.S. The world that you change might be within your four walls at home. Showing up well-dressed and confidently there matters too!)

Take the step!

I just did the closet clean out which was great. Thinking of how I feel and how I want to feel/look in my clothes was a much more helpful way to think than other methods I've tried! 

- Breann B.

What's inside the course?

Module 1 - Prepare your capsule

Lesson 1: Lay The Foundation

We'll set the tone and intentions for our course experience, establish our style barriers, and make our goals personal 

Lesson 2: Eliminate the Clutter

Following my simple method, we'll identify which clothes to keep, which to release, and which to put away for this season. 

Module 2 - Build your capsule

Lesson 1: Create Your Toolkit

We'll get clarity on our signature style, understand our measurements and body shape, and identify our feel-good colors 

Lesson 2: Build your Foundational Capsule

Using my proprietary template, we'll shop our closets to create our foundational capsule. This is where the magic really starts to happen! 

Lesson 3: Identify Your Gaps

Based on the last step, we'll identify the key items that are missing from your closet to help it function optimally - aka make it super simple and fun to create a lot of outfits that feel totally "you". With this knowledge, you'll create your strategic shopping list. 

Module 3 - Use Your Capsule

Lesson 1: Creating Outfits

Learn how to mix-and-match to create simple, beautiful, rinse-and-repeat outfit formulas that aren't boring.

Lesson 2: Seasonal Transitions

Learn how to adjust and transition your capsule between seasons without buying a whole new wardrobe every three months. 

 Lesson 3: Life Changes

What happens when your job changes, you go back to the office, your size changes, you move, etc? We'll talk about that in this lesson.

Lesson 4: Adding New Items Mindfully

With the tools you've gained, you'll now know how to shop strategically and intentionally for future items. We'll talk about that in this lesson.


Body Shape Deep Dive

Creating Micro Capsules

The investment


  • Over 3 hours of video lessons
  • Your Foundational Capsule Template
  • Your Customized Strategic Shopping List
  • Downloadable Workbook 
  • Bonus Lessons: Body shape deep dive & creating micro capsules
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Are you ready to ditch the frustration and finally feel good in your clothes?

When we feel good in our clothes, we start to shift the way we think about ourselves. In turn, we show up differently in our world. Think about the ripple affect when you start to walk with more confidence. Who will notice? Your husband? Your kids? Your coworkers? Your family, friends, the school board?...

Are you ready to strut with more confidence?

I'm ready!